1. Objectives
The Menabrea Art Prize is the award that supports emerging Italian art. Each year an Italian artist not yet represented by a gallery is awarded.

2. Eligibility of candidates
The five finalists called to design a neck label and a tear-off label for one of the references of Birra Menabrea must be of Italian nationality and not yet represented by a gallery. The curatorial team of CURA. will select the finalists and the theme of the Prize.

3. Jury and method of evaluation
The jury of Menabrea Art Prize is formed at the invitation of organizing committee on the basis of a selection made among those in the field of contemporary art stood out for the undisputed merits in the sector in which the event is aimed. The jury consists of six judges appointed by Untitled Association including a curator, an artist, a collector, a gallery owner, a representative of Birra Menabrea Spa and a representative of Untitled Association.
In particular, for the seventh edition, the jury has been thus selected:

  1. Edoardo Bonaspetti – curator – President of the jury;
  2. Francesco Simeti – artist, New York (USA);
  3. Emanuel Layr – gallerist, Wien (A);
  4. Mauro De Iorio – collector, Verona;
  5. Paola Maina –Birra Menabrea press office, Turin;
  6. Danilo Ruggiero – president of Untitled Association, Rome.

Jurors do their office examining the proposed works on the basis of creative and technical skills with regards to the label created and the ability to interpret the theme assigned by the artist in the jury. Each juror expresses a preference over one label only which is considered the best. The selected label – and consequently the selected candidate artist – will be the one that has received the majority of the votes. In case of a tie, the President’s vote will prevail the jury’s opinion.

4. Awards
An amount of EUR 1,000.00 (one thousand/00), net of tax or other deductions, if due, will be given to the winning artist by Untitled Association. It will serve the production of a new work (the Work) as specified in Art. 8. In addition an artist book (the Artist Book) of the winning candidate will be produced by Cura.books, as specified in Art. 10.

5. Stages and deadlines

  • By August 31st 2017, the shortlist of five finalists and the theme of the Prize willbe noticed by means of a press release and a publication on the websitewww.untitled –
  • By September 30th 2017, each finalist artist must submit his/ her own project indigital format as in Art. 6.
  • By October 15th 2017, each finalist artist must send the original of the designedlabel as in Art. 6.
  • By October 31st 2017 the Jury will notice the winner of the Prize.
6. Labels

  1. FeaturesThe label will consist of a neck label and a tear-off label referenced “Top restaurant” of Birra Menabrea having the mandatory text “Vol 7.5 %”. A brief cover letter (maximum 1.000 characters) must be submitted with the label project proposed.
  2. Application guidelines:
    Labels must be submitted in high-resolution digital format (.tif at 300dpi, .pdf or .vector) to the email address; the original of the project must be sent by post to: Untitled Association Piazza Cairoli 6 00186, Rome.
    Untitled Association will cover the shipment expenses by refund or registering the shipment in Untitled Association’s name.

7. Property and use of the labels
The finalists have the right to be acknowledged as the authors of the labels designed and produced within the framework of the Award. Birra Menabrea Spa and Untitled Association are entitled to the right of economic exploitation and use in general of the labels, as part of their activities.
In particular, Birra Menabrea Spa is the holder of the right to display the labels created by finalist artists – including the winning label – at the factory of Birra Menabrea in Biella, as well as to use them for communication purposes, on the occasion of exhibitions. In addition, Birra Menabrea Spa is the holder of the right to reproduce and distribute the winning label on limited edition bottles.
Finally, Untitled Association holds the right of exploitation of the labels for communication activities related to its business.

8. Features and rights over the Work
The Work produced with the support of Menabrea Art Prize must be completely new and of dimensions and functional characteristics defined in agreement with Untitled Association responding to display, shipment and setting requirements. The Work must be carried out and submitted by January 31st, 2018, by sending high resolution images of the project to
Thus the Work will be available for pickup or shipping from the 28th of February 2018. The movement and the responsibility of the Work – throughout the period Untitled Association has the right to exhibit it – will be covered by Untitled Association.

9. Use of the Work
The winning artist will be recognized as the author of the Work and he/ she will hold all of the rights over the same, except as specified below in this Article. Untitled Association may use free of charge the Work starting from March 1, 2018 until February 29, 2019 within the framework of exhibitions, fairs, promotional activities, and for any other purpose which is functional to their business development. Untitled Association is acknowledged to hold a right of first refusal over the Work from March 1, 2018 until February, 28 2020, which may be exercised at a price fixed by mutual agreement with the artist author of the same at the time the Work has been submitted. In case the artist identifies a potential buyer of the Work during the period Untitled Association holds the right of first refusal, he/ she will be required to give Untitled Association a prompt notice. Untitled Association may:

  1. exercise the right of first refusal at the price fixed by mutual agreement at the time the Work has been submitted;
  2. decline to exercise the right of first refusal; the artist will be then required to return the amount of € 1,000.00 (one thousand/00) received pursuant to and by effect of the Art. 4 and, subject to the aforementioned return, the artist will be the holder of the full right to dispose of the Work to a third party;
  3. in any case, even if Untitled Association quitclaimed the right of first refusal over the Work, the artist has the obligation to pledge that the caption “Work produced with the support of Untitled Association and Birra Menabrea Spa as part of Menabrea Art Prize 2017” is aptly visible when used for display, promotional purposes, publication of the Work – even by third parties, including the prospective buyer.

10. Artist Book
The winning artist will published an artist book the expenses of which will be covered by Untitled Association, in collaboration with Cura.books. T he artist book will be featured as following:

  1. Minimum size of 15x21cm;
  2. A minimum number of 16 pages;
  3. Binding with staples;
  4. Minimum print run of 100 copies with 10% of the circulation reservedfor the artist;
  5. Launch and distribution throughout the network of Cura.books.

Royalties of the artist book will be up to Untitled Association.

11. Adhesion to the Regulation
All applicants’ participation in the award are subject to the examination of the document and the adhesion to the whole set of rules in this Regulation.

12. Responsibilities of candidates
If, for any reason, the Prize cannot take place or finalists cannot be awarded, the candidates do not have the right to claim against Untitled Association and/ or Birra Menabrea Spa. They will only have the right to retain for themselves the created labels which must not be used or distributed in association with the brand Menabrea.