Derek MF Di Fabio

Derek Di Fabio

My head is bent to read the word Menabrea, as if I were dreaming on a pillow,

or as if the bottle was emptying into a mouth.

The label looks like a double window and a dense pattern.

The gas bubbles against the glass would spread in different directions.

If you drink cold beer, the label comes off easily.

You can disrupt a pattern by tearing the label into small pieces that can be reassembled

following some printed sections. Three or four portraits will appear, depending on the details you follow:

parts of whales, folds of fabrics, knotted ropes.

I thought of the memory of liquids, full of the songs that the whales sing in the water, where they could echo indefinitely,

I thought of the ripples of the matter caused by gravitational waves

and of the challenges we can create by breaking a pattern.



Derek Maria Francesco Di Fabio (Milan, 1987) lives and works between Berlin and Perdaxius. Since 2010 he collaborates with Cherimus with whom he actually coordinates Darajart. At the end of 2018 in Sulcis, Sardinia, he will start “I giardini impossibili”. From 2012 he works with Isa Griese as 2008daughters (DW2♡♡8).
 Among his most significant activities, the co- foundation of the artists-run-space Motel Lucie (2010-2012); Let’s Circus (2011), the workshop with Tim Rollins and K.O.S. at the Foundation Spinola Banna per l’Arte (2012). Solo show: Free Range Winter BananaPavillon Social (Lucca 2013); at Almanac Projects: When the sun is out, his house-shaped face bathes in it (Londra 2013) and Yslands (Torino, 2014). At Tile Project Space, Milan: POLE POLE (2015) and We burn our dreams to stay warm (2017). Con In Fact and in Fiction: Buio. Unplugged (Cedegolo, 2015/2016).