Ilaria Vinci

Ilaria Vinci – winner

From Downtown To The Distant Future

We look out of a window that opens onto the Universe and a mysterious sun comes towards us. In this sun we recognize the Mobius Ribbon: the first “non-orientable” figure elaborated by a mathematician. This type of surface is a visual representation of quantum physics principles. We can’t find a distinction between the upper or lower sides, the inside or the outside […] Four million suns are trapped in the middle of the Milky Way, confined in a huge black hole; according to calculations, they would produce so much energy that it could alter the space-time laws, thus becoming the portal for unexplored multiverses. If today the Universe is still an enigma, one certainty is that we are a part of it. The strange sun that keeps us company outside the window could be followed forever: after a ride we would be on the opposite side, after two rides we would be at the starting point.



By replacing the standard black for offset printing with a black ink that is sensitive to body heat, the Universe becomes invisible after being touched, temporarily revealing the trace of our fingerprints in the space



Ilaria Vinci (Cisternino, 1991) lives and works between Zurich and Milan. After studying at the Accademy of Fine Arts of Brera, Ilaria continued her study at the Ecal (Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne) where she obtained the Master in Visual Arts in 2017. Her works have been exhibited in museums and independent spaces in Italy and abroad. From 2014 she is co-founder of the artist run space Armada in Milan.