Margherita Raso

Margherita Raso

I created an Ensō and placed it in the middle of the label I proposed for Infinite variables X one bottle.

An Ensō (circle) is a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism and a common subject in Japanese calligraphy. It symbolizes the beginning and the end of all things, emptiness and fullness, presence and absence. The ink stroke created through one single movement eliminates the possibility of modifying and challenges its own reproducibility. An Ensō is a simple but also extremely complex form. All things could be contained within it or, on the contrary, excluded from its borders.


An invitation to embrace the Multiverse theory, sipping a Menabrea!


* The color choice of black and white is dictated by the desire to remain faithful to the nature of the Ensō made for this label. In case of printing, it is required to be done on rice paper or a similar material.



Margherita Raso (Lecco, 1991) lives and works between New York and Milan. She graduated in Painting from the Accademy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan. From 2004 she is co-founder of the Armada space, run by artists, in Milan. Margherita exhibited her work in a solo show at Fanta, Milan (2017), and in many group shows among which “St. James”, Menaggio (Como), “Where Wild Flowers Grow”, Armada, Milan; “The Fallen Astronaut”, A+A Gallery, Venice; “Coordinates”, Dowd Gallery, New York; “Collective Gardens”, Komplot, Bruxelles. Actually she is working at her solo show which will open in November 2018 at the Bible in New York.