Menabrea Art Prize 8th edition
Infinite variables X one bottle

In science, according to the criterion of falsifiability (Fälschungsmöglichkeit) a theory is valid only when it’s refutable, i.e. the search for the error defines the validity of a new postulate. The string theory, for example, currently fails the test of falsifiability and consequently the hypothesis of endless parallel dimensions remains fringe science for most of the physics community and a reason for speculation in literature.

The possibility of accessing one or more coexisting universes that are contemporary to ours has been  – and continues to be – a source of fascination for writers, directors and producers. Some have imagined and represented only one alternative universe, while others roam unabated from one dimension to another. Following the Multiverse theory, a label can exist in a multitude of versions of itself, thus offering variables to the known space-time dimension.